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How to stop your hijab from slipping or shifting throughout the day: a short guide

Ensuring your hijab stays in place throughout the day not only helps you maintain a sophisticated appearance but also allows you to focus on your day-to-day activities without the need for inconvenient adjustments. Taking measures to keep your hijab in place will enable you to feel both comfortable and confident. Here’s a short guide on how to stop your hijab from slipping or shifting throughout the day:

Wear an Undercap: Opting to wear an undercap can create a secure foundation for your hijab, minimising the risk of it shifting. Be sure to opt for a soft and snug undercap like the Rabaya Undercap for maximum comfort.

Use Hijab Magnets: Taking a little bit of extra time in the morning to secure your hijab in place with pins and hijab magnets will ensure a more secure fit. Using either a pin or magnet under your chin to secure both sides of the hijab in place and then securing drapes and layers with more pins will prevent it from shifting. Our Rabaya Hijab Magnets are especially convenient as they provide a strong grip without damaging fabric.

Choose the Right Fabric: Choosing hijab fabrics with grip for your everyday hijab look will minimise the need for adjustments. Hijabs such as our Jersey and Cotton Crepe hijabs are much less likely to slide when compared to silk or satin hijabs. For slippery fabrics, be sure to wrap the hijab tightly and utilise the other steps in this guide.

By following this guide, you can rest assured knowing you have taken a proactive step towards increasing your comfort and confidence levels when wearing a hijab.


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