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What Are The Different Ways To Tie A Hijab?

Hijabs allow women to uphold their modesty and express their identity in a way that is unique to them. The versatility of a hijab allows for endless styling possibilities, allowing women to experiment with different looks and discover what resonates best with them. 

Here at Rabaya, our specially curated collections of hijabs come in an array of stunning colours, textures, and fabrics, allowing you to express your style with ease. So if you find yourself pondering about what different ways there are to tie a hijab, we’ve got you covered! Keep on reading to learn more:

The Classic: This style is easy enough for everyday wear, ensuring all-day coverage and comfort; start by placing the hijab on your head and ensure that one end of the hijab is longer than the other. Secure the two sides together under your chin using a pin or hijab magnet and drape the longer end over your head. Wrap the rest of the longer end across your décolletage and over the opposite shoulder. You can play around with the tightness and pin placement that best suits your face shape.

Elevate With An Under-cap: Position an under-cap on your head and place your hijab over the top. Secure the two sides together under your chin using a pin or hijab magnet and simply drape one side of your choosing across the opposite shoulder for an effortlessly chic look.

Side Knot: Drape the hijab over your head and ensure both sides vary in length. Cross the longer end over the shorter and bring it back to the front to create a knot on the side. This look can add a touch of flare to any outfit.

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