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How To Style A Hijab For Different Face Shapes?

Hijabs help you achieve modesty whilst simultaneously encouraging a beautiful aesthetic appearance. To successfully achieve a sophisticated look, considering your face shape when styling your hijab can play a huge factor. If you are wondering how to style a hijab for different face shapes, check out our handy guide below:

Round Face:  Concentrating on elongating the appearance can complement a round face exceptionally well. Placing your hijab further back on your forehead will encourage it to fall longer on the sides, creating the illusion of length.

Square Face: If you have a square face shape, softening the square lines can create a more flattering look to your overall appearance. Opt for hijabs that fall elegantly around your face and try out asymmetrical styles to add some flair.

Oval Face: Almost all hijab styles complement those with an oval face so these individuals can experiment to their heart’s content. From voluminous drapes to loose wrap styles, discover your personal preference by pay attention to what creates the most balances and sophisticated look.

Long Face: Adding width to hijab styles can bring a harmonious balance to those with a long face. Experiment why wearing your hijab lower on your forehead to add more dimension to your overall appearance.

Heart-Shaped Face: Experimenting with hijab styles that add volume around the jaw can help to create a harmonious overall appearance.

Follow these useful tips to elevate your hijab styling and embrace your unique features with confidence. Shop our meticulously curated hijab collections today and express your unique style with Rabaya.

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