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Which Hijab Style Suits Me?

Taking time to assess your facial features, lifestyle, and preferences can help your hijab enhance your natural beauty with ease. If you have found yourself wondering “Which hijab style suits me?”, here are some handy tips to help you determine the styles that compliment you best:

Identify Your Face Shape

Round: Styles that add length can help to elongate a round face for a more flattering appearance. Try to opt for an elegant drape or add volume with a Rabaya Scrunchie for an elevated look.

Square: Hijabs with relaxed face framing edges can soften the edges of a square face. Try to opt for styles that soften your jawline by adding volume to the top and sides of your hijab.

Oval: Various hijab styles suit oval faces so we suggest experimenting with styles to find one you resonate with.

Long: Try adding width to your hijab styles by adding more volume to the sides of your hijab.

Heart: Create a balanced look by adding volume around the jawline. A loose wrap with flowing ends will work wonders for your face shape.

Consider Your Style

Tailored: For a polished look that complements your tailored attire, opt for a classic wrap or short drape. Fabrics such as silk or satin will help to maintain your usual sophisticated look.

Casual: For everyday effortless typing, hijabs made from jersey and cotton are a great option. The breathable, non-slip fabric makes for easy styling with minimal adjustments needed throughout the day.

There are no particular rules when it comes to choosing the right hijab style, ultimately it comes down to choosing a style that makes you feel confident. Shop our range of hijabs today to find your perfect fit.