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What hijab styles are suitable for different weather conditions?

As the seasons change and the weather with it, ensuring your hijab style is suited to the climate will enable you to feel comfortable and stylish throughout the year. Here at Rabaya, we believe that hijabs should protect your modesty whilst still allowing you to revel in comfort and practicality. If you are interested in finding out what hijab styles are suitable for different weather conditions, keep on reading:


Hot Weather

When the sun is out, we often find ourselves spending much more time outside so it is super important to dress accordingly to ensure a cool body temperature throughout the day. Opting for lightweight and breathable hijabs allows you to uphold your modesty without being at risk of overheating. Experimenting with loosely draped styles such as a classic wrap will enable you to feel comfortable in the sun. If you’re looking to change things up, trying a turban style can help you stay both trendy and cool on warmer days.


Fabrics such as chiffon and cotton are great for hot weather as they allow for good air circulation, decreasing your chances of getting too hot. Our Cotton Crepe and Chiffon hijabs paired with a soft Rabaya undercap will minimise direct exposure to the sun, keeping you protected while ensuring you look sophisticated.


Cold Weather

On colder days, it is important to ensure your hijab keeps you warm and snug throughout the day. Opting for fabrics such as jersey or wool will keep you insulated and pairing the hijab with a soft Rabaya undercap will effortlessly add extra warmth to any hijab style. Our Jersey and Soft Plush hijabs are a great option for cold weather. Hijab styles with many layers will ensure complete coverage as well as warmth. For added insulation, accessorising for knit headbands and earmuffs can help immensely.


By matching your hijab styles to the weather, you are guaranteed to stay comfortable and stylish no matter the forecast.

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