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How To Wash and Care For Hijabs?

Taking care of your hijabs to ensure they uphold their pristine condition will ensure that you continue to feel as elegant as you did on the day you first wore them. Keeping your hijabs looking clean and fresh is also cost-effective, so it pays off to take a bit of extra time to take care of them correctly. Check out our simple guide below on how to wash and care for hijabs: 

Separate Colours: Like with all fabrics, grouping together similar colours and washing white, light, and dark hijabs separately will help to prevent colour bleeding. This will limit the chances of discolouration and colour fading.

Gentle Washing Methods: The best way to wash a hijab is by hand as this delivers a gentle yet effective clean. Hijabs do not often get particularly dirty so gently washing them in lukewarm water and mild detergent can help freshen the fabric up without resulting in potential deterioration.

Avoid Harsh Detergents: Washing with mild detergents specifically created for delicate fabrics as opposed to using bleach and harsh chemicals will help to preserve the softness of your hijabs.

Air Dry: Allowing your hijabs to air dry will help to preserve the size, shape, and texture of the fabric.

Iron Carefully: If you want to iron your hijab, we advise proceeding with caution. Ensure you cover the hijab with a pressing cloth and iron on a low-temperature setting to avoid damaging the fabric.

Follow these steps to preserve the durability and pristine condition of your hijabs so you can keep them looking as beautiful as they did when you first ordered them from Rabaya.